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Fellah is a vibrant hotel just outside of Marrakech.

Impeccable service, noteworthy dining and sumptuous amenities team up with yoga classes, a tree house and a small working farm where guests can actually gather eggs, groom a donkey or milk a goat.

Eco-friendly, artistic and Hammam-style guest experiences will transport you to another place.


The TOUCO café, located outside near the pool, provides a totally authentic local street food experience as it is completely run by the residents of the nearby Tassoultante village.

You will be served some of the tastiest regional flavors you will ever experience and promote their economy by promoting their specialties.



Fitness Center - Whether you prefer to privately work out with this fully-equipped state-of-the-art fitness center, or to request one of personal trainers to assist you, you will feel energized and recharged.

Thai Boxing - Muscle-sculpting boxing classes are available at all levels in the “art of eight limbs” which focus on extreme body conditioning as well as mental advancement and core stability.

Lessons concentrate on techniques of kicks, elbows, and punches led by expert instructors.

Yoga - daily yoga classes are taught by world-renowned trainer Perumal Koshy, who was born in India and reared in the United States where he first studied Kung Fu and martial arts.



The following workshops and activities are provided:

- The Fellah Educational Farm. Collect eggs, groom the donkeys, milk the goats, pet the rabbits. This small, but actual, working farm gives a real taste of rural life.
- Nature Connect. Take a guided tour of the Fellah gardens and surrounding fields to learn about the benefits of nature. Part of this experience includes each child getting to tend a part of the garden by planting seeds or herbs like mint and rosemary, and learning how to give the necessary nutritional care.
- Artistic Awakening. Presented by Dar al-Ma'mûn artists in residence, children learn about and create take-home works in a variety of mediums and techniques like collage, drawing, architecture, painting, and cartooning.
- African Tales. Children will be fascinated, entertained, and (shh!) educated as a true Malian griot or poet storyteller recounts the most magical stories of the African continent!
- Yoga for kids. In our hurry-up world, Fellah has specially designed sessions for children to help them learn how to relax, unwind and slow-down – for a moment!
- Hands-on Skin Care. With Fellah's partner natural cosmetic and skin care brand Naturom, children will have fun smelling fragrances, mixing up ingredients, and creating a wonderful skin care product to take home.

Especially for teens
- Learn how to make or break an atmosphere by mixing and chaining music together by real musicians from Fellah friends, Runtomorow label members.
- Student Filmmakers. Directed by Dar al-Ma'mûn team, participants learn how to review films and the basics of scriptwriting.
- Art Exploration. Discover contemporary art approaches and installations with guidance from Dar al-Ma'mûn artist in residence.



Whether inside the dining room, under the shaded patio, or even soaking up the Moroccan sun at the hotel's large leisure pool, the Fellah restaurant offers enticing meals, snacks and alluring beverages made with a rigorous selection of locally produced and organic products.

The restaurant wraps around the large Mediterranean swimming pool, allowing you to dine poolside with family and friends. You may also choose to take a filled basket of authentically prepared treats and picnic in the gardens under the olive trees.

If you prefer an air conditioned setting, the restaurant’s interior dining room and terrace comfortably seats 120 people – or has room for 300 standing and mingling guests at a cocktail-style French hors d'oeuvres or Mediterranean mezze platter party.

Fellah provides cocktails and other libations from both our outdoor bar and indoor lounge.

The TOUCO café, located outside near the pool, provides a totally authentic local street food experience as it is completely run by the residents of the nearby Tassoultante village.

Fellah also graciously offers 24-hour in-room dining through Room Service.



Wholeness is wellness and Fellah offers a variety of specialized rejuvenating treatments, services and healing retreats.

Hammam – cleansing steam baths and massage treatments provide a quiet and contemplative retreat with soothing fragrances, soft music and pampering. Sweat away your worries and have your muscles reinvigorated by a professional oil massage the traditional hammam way.

Wat Po – Taking its name from Thailand’s first university and the Indian monastery in which Buddha is said to have lived, Wat Po is also the name of Thailand’s oldest form of traditional massage.

Qualified Fellah Wat Po massage staff have all been trained in this approach and Wat Po is open to hotel guests and the general public for a wide range of treatments including Thai herbal oil or steam therapies, aromatherapies and full body and head massages.

In addition, the Wat Po is also an active training center for masseurs interested in learning this ancestral technique.



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