The Details

Experience luxury Lapland by taking part in extreme sports and traditional Lappish experiences.

We are offering the opportunity to drive a supercar on sea ice. Choose between a Lambourghini, a Porcshe, a Tesla or a regular rally car. You will have the expert advice of a Finnish rally driver, who are famed for being the best in the world at the sport.

You will take a husky safari through the quiet snow covered forest. An amazing experience that puts you in touch with the natural world.

Amongst other adventures, you will go on a snowmobile safari to the Sampo Icebreaker and go swimming in the freezing sea!

Available for 1 person up to a group of 8

Price on request

  • Day 1

    Private transfer to hotel
    Accommodation in Arctic Treehouse hotel, designed for Northern lights viewing
    Dinner in the Rakas restaurant at the hotel

  • Day 2

    Private dog sledding safari with lunch
    Visit Santa Claus Village
    Dinner in the Lappish restaurant Nili
    Aurora chasing with reindeer in a reindeer farm
    Overnight in the Arctic Treehouse hotel

  • Day 3

    Transfer from Rovaniemi to Ranua (100 km) and visit the Arctic Zoo
    Transfer from the zoo to Kemi (120 km)
    Overnight in the new Sea villas designed for Northern Lights viewing
    Dinner in the Snowrestaurant (opens around 20 January)

  • Day 4

    Drive the snowmobile on the frozen sea – meet the Sampo Icebreaker and go for a lunch before swimming in the sea
    Dinner in Kemi
    Accommodation in a Sea villa

  • Day 5

    Full-day program with own instructor (Finnish rally-driver) for the whole day

    • One full day of ice driving 9:00-16:00 (9am-4pm)
    • Private use of ice circuits & Unlimited driving time
    • Powerful cars for ice driving
      • Lamborghini Gallardo
      • Tesla Model S
      • Audi S/RS /Quattro
      • Rally cars
    • One-to-one driver training,
    • Famous Finnish rally drivers as instructors
    • Lunch and refreshments all day at circuit
    • Safety equipment for drivers, No fuel charge
    • Event certificate

    Dinner in a wilderness island in a wooden teepee
    Accommodation in a Sea villa

  • Day 6

    Private airport transfer to Kemi airport

- This is a guide itinerary and can be modified to suit. It is subject to availability and price at the time of booking. Other conditions may apply -