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This ultra-luxury bespoke experience takes you into the heart of Antarctica to see the Emperor Penguins. Then it's on to the southernmost point on earth – the South Pole!

GUESTS: max 12
PRICE: $105,000 per person*

Dec 1 – Dec 8 2024
Dec 8 – Dec 15 2024
Dec 15 – Dec 22 2024
Dec 22 – Dec 29 2024 (Exclusive only)
Dec 29 2024 – Jan 5 2025 (Fully booked)
Jan 5 – Jan 12 2025
Jan 12 – Jan 19 2025
Jan 19 – Jan 26 2025 (Reserved)
Jan 26 – Feb 2 2025 (Exclusive Only)


Almost 2 decades ago, it was just a dream to see this extraordinary continent, so rarely visited, with people other than scientists and explorers. But now you have a unique opportunity to go on this exclusive journey to the last true wilderness and most remote place on Earth – Antarctica.

Each year this exclusive trip is enjoyed by just 250 guests who start their adventure in Cape Town to the Seventh Continent. These people have a chance to experience this breath-taking place in luxury and to hopefully go home changed in the most positive of ways. With rare access to the interior of Antarctica and the support of some really extraordinary guides, you will encounter a pristine glacial landscape of immeasurable splendour.

Here icebergs tower like carved cathedrals, wildlife thrives in the harshest of conditions, glistening ice sheets stretch to the skyline and shards of rock pierce through pristine snowfields. The end of the world is unimaginably beautiful.

To see the Emperor penguins and their newly born chicks existing in this unforgiving environment is humbling; you can witness to their fight for survival against seemingly insurmountable odds. Standing on the South Pole is a feat experienced by fewer than 500 people each year! Once here, there is no more East, West or South – only North… 

Every trip to Antarctica is unique. With your group, choose to embark on ice-climbing, hikes to summit a nearby nunatak or abseiling under the expert guidance of award-winning UIAGM mountain guides.



Your visit to the penguins begins with a 2.5-hour flight to Atka Bay. At the colony’s height in November/December, you’ll see over 14,000 breeding pairs and their newly hatched chicks - a spectacle full of noise and energy that is a favourite with wildlife watchers and photographers. There are so few visitors to this colony that the chicks are unafraid of humans and often waddle close by. Mindful of the responsibility to the wildlife and of IAATO guidelines, you have to keep at least 5m (16.4ft) from the Penguins. Looking in every direction, all you’ll see is a vast icy expanse contrasting the penguins’ shimmering feathers.


At the heart of the Great White Continent lies the South Pole, one of only two stationary points on this rotating Earth! At exactly 90 degrees of latitude, you can walk around the world in only a few paces and marvel that there is no more East, West or South…the only direction is North! Reaching the South Pole rates as one of the greatest feats of human exploration. Still today, fewer than 500 people a year reach the destination.


The journey from Cape Town to the Continent is aboard either a 'heavy' such as an Airbus A340 or private jet. You are joining a select group of likeminded explorers journeying across the mighty Southern Ocean. During the five-hour flight, you cross the Polar Circle and soar over thousands of icebergs and pass into 24 hours of continuous sunshine.
Destination: Wolf’s Fang Runway.


Wolf’s Fang is one of the only privately managed blue ice runways in the world. The three-kilometre stretch stands in the shadow of one of the continent’s most iconic mountains - named Ulvetanna or 'Wolf’s Fang' by the early Norwegian explorers. It stands like a primeval sentinel surrounded by staggering spires of rock that pierce the icebound landscape. On arrival, that first glacial breath charges through your body with lightning speed. Underfoot the ice crackles – sound heightened by the overwhelming sense of stillness. In every direction the timeless landscape envelops you and the magnitude of where you are becomes a visceral reality. Once in Antarctica you will be transferred via Basler
BT-67 to a luxury camp: Whichaway

WHICHAWAY luxury camp

Nestled deep within the glacial landscape of Antarctica, lies a true oasis of luxury and adventure.  While the majority of Antarctica is covered in ice, Whichaway is located on a rare rocky outcrop on the Schirmacher Oasis, sitting right on the edge of a frozen lake. Sophisticated and luxurious, the camp is encircled by an enormous cliff made of iridescent blue ice. The six bedroom pods are elegant and warm, while the communal spaces provide the perfect base for meals, cocktail hours and relaxation between activities - including a Canadian cedar sauna. Listen to the rhythm of nature as the ice shifts and groans in the distance. Depending on the time of your visit, this location allows guests to explore nearby ice tunnels, ice waves and blue river as well as a crystal cave network. It is ideal for those seeking soft adventure while still exploring some incredible sights. And with experienced guides on hand to share their wealth of knowledge on the local wildlife and environment, guests can explore this untouched wilderness with complete confidence. 

The breakfasts, elegant lunches and three-course dinners are prepared to ensure you enjoy the finest cuisine during your stay at the end of the world. The chefs use local South African produce to create meals that are full of flavour and flair with wines sourced from the finest Cape vineyards.


Flights by a ski-plane to an impressive Emperor penguin colony and the Geographic South Pole make for lifetime memories. The Basler BT 67s are upgraded conversions of the DC-3, specially equipped with the latest avionics for Antarctic operations and specially designed skis for landing on snow and ice.


Responsible tourism is a genuine force for good.  Mindful of this delicate environment, the experience is designed to leave no trace on the glacial landscape. Sustainable practices are implemented across every aspect of this trip's operation. There are few places on earth that can provide such potential for personal growth and a change in perspective - simply through visiting. People that go in this trip often leave forever changed, returning home as ambassadors for our planet.


A trip to Antarctica is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from daily life and surrender to the solitude. The backdrop of Antarctica lends itself to personal practises of mindfulness and there are also wellness practitioners as part of the team, on hand to guide you in relaxation techniques and yoga. There is also a sauna that sits beside a serene freshwater lake and dramatic glacial ice fall.


For all its beauty, Antarctica can be a challenging environment, with low temperatures, strong winds and high altitudes. The best way to protect you is with specialist staff. On this trip there are 100 team members on ice. You can trust them to keep you safe on every step of your journey. All the mountain guides have completed the strenuous 5-year UIAGM qualification, while each camp has its own fully qualified trauma doctor and accompanying medical kits. The chief pilot has over 10 years of experience flying in Antarctica with over 18,000 hours of logged flight time. Tracking, satellite communications and mutual Search & Rescue agreements are all part of White Desert’s comprehensive safety policies. Furthermore, there is also speed and flexibility to arrange an evacuation back to Cape Town in the unlikely event that one should become necessary.

*The price:

- Safety briefing (return transfers provided)
- Return transfers for Antarctica flights
- Return flight to Antarctica (inc. 23kg for hold luggage and 7kg for hand luggage)
- All accommodation, food and drinks (including all alcohol) in Antarctica
- All guiding fees, support of field guides and logistics staff
- The use of certain items of polar clothing, as denoted on equipment list
- Payment by White Desert Ltd of a ‘Carbon Tax’ for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with Antarctic trave

- Commercial flights to and from Cape Town, South Africa
- Accommodation and meals whilst in Cape Town
- Polar clothing (you will be sent a tailored kit list in advance of your trip to help you purchase the necessary items)
- Comprehensive insurance cover
- Additional expenses incurred in Cape Town due to any delay
Additional baggage costs over the agreed amount
- Use of a satellite phone whilst in Antarctica

PLEASE NOTE: this itinerary is entirely subject to weather conditions in Antarctica and is meant purely as a guide to what guests may expect day by day. The exact sequence of activities and the types of aircraft mentioned in this itinerary may vary. Antarctica is a bucket list trip for a reason - Mother Nature reigns supreme here, that’s what makes it a true adventure.


Day 1

The trip starts from Cape Town, where you will have a mandatory safety briefing in Cape Town. There will be Guest Experience team that  will personally check your kit & polar clothing to prepare for your flight south.

Day 2

Today you fly over thousands of icebergs on a 5-hour flight across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica. During the flight, you enter the Polar Circle and encounter the continuous daylight of the Antarctic summer. After landing on the ancient blue ice of the runway, you will transfer to the camp at Whichaway and take a gentle hike around the Oasis.

Day 3

Settle into Whichaway and do as much or as little as you like each day. Activities range from yoga, massages and gentle treks to exploring the incredible ice waves, summiting a nunatak, ice climbing and even abseiling! On quieter days, you’ll hear talks from the polar explorer staff about some of the lesser known history of Antarctica and their world recordbreaking expeditions.

Day 4

Today, you fly 2.5 hours across Antarctica, witnessing beautiful views of the nearby mountain ranges and coastline, before landing at the Emperor penguin colony at Atka Bay. You will be among the very few who have ever witnessed such a spectacle, observing the real-life stars of March of the Penguins.

Day 5

Spend the day exploring the ice waves below the camp, delving into the series of ice tunnels that are as surreal as they are beautiful. Then you’ll head off with your guide, winding your way through the snow and ice to an incredible vantage point where you can take in the panoramic view over the ice waves that you have just explored.

Day 6

Set off early in the morning in the Basler BT-67 aircraft, flying over stunning mountain ranges before landing at Dixie’s Camp to refuel. After a walk on the High Polar Plateau you will continue to the South Pole, where you will have plenty of time for photos and a chance to stamp your passport before flying back to Dixie’s Camp.

Day 7

After a night under canvas, you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast before boarding the plane once again, for your flight back to Whichaway. The flight is the perfect chance to appreciate the immense scale of Antarctica, before you return to the camp for a three-course champagne dinner to celebrate your achievement.

Day 8

An adventurous hike along a winding cliff face affords guests stunning views over pressure ridges of ice formed over millennia by the ocean. The world-class UIAGM mountain guides will expertly lead you on this exhilarating hike, ensuring your safety at all times.

Day 9

The flight out of Antarctica will be the last of your enduring memories of the great White Continent before you dive back into the vibrant energy of Africa. You will be transferred to your hotel where you will have a chance to relax and reflect on your Antarctic adventure!

- This is a guide itinerary and can be modified to suit. It is subject to availability and price at the time of booking. Other conditions may apply -

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