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Castello di Vicarello is a luxury castle retreat, which lies in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany, where ancient traditions have survived and Tuscan culture is preserved.

This 900-year-old castle was an abandoned ruin, until its transformation into an exclusive country residence in the early 2000's. It was the mysterious Etruscans who first discovered Maremma, and only after several centuries the Romans arrived and constructed a spa on the site of their ancient ruins, upon which in 1112, the present Castello di Vicarello was built.

Vicarello is a place where the eye is continually lost in the undulating green of the countryside, all the way down to the blue sea. Castello di Vicarello is a charming residence where you can discover time, silence and history, as every path, every brick, every wall tells a story.

The Castello has been a holiday home of Aurora and Carlo Baccheschi Berti since 1978. They converted an outbuilding (Villa Chiesna, now one of the suites); however, the tower of the castle remained a ruin until they turned it into a hotel retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. After the restoration, a true labor of love, they filled the property with trinkets and treasures, as well as adding two ozone-treated pools and a spa.

Castello di Vicarello is perfect for: a romantic honeymoon, a gastronomical journey or hunting experience, hiking, seaside towns, exploring medieval cities or simply relaxing and revitalizing.

Spa: A privately-owned and secluded retreat which is an invitation to take time out, relax and regenerate oneself, where the treatment is not in only in the gentle and age-old techniques of ayurvedic medicine, but in the suggestive beauty of the uncontaminated natural surroundings and slow pace of life.

Appearing to almost float above the adjoining field beside the Infinity pool, The Spa is constructed entirely in wood and glass and is a refined example of modern architecture: a elegant structure developed on spacious terracing, enjoying a breathtaking panorama.

The use of only the finest natural and eco-friendly materials, low energy-consumption, a profound respect for the environment and surrounding countryside are the tenets of Vicarello’s philosophical outlook and reach their full expression in this private and secluded retreat.

The spa itself offers a range of massages from the stimulating and invigorating to the depurative and relaxing, as well as Hot tub, plantar reflexology and shiatsu.

Treatment cycles vary from a couple of days to two weeks and use only hand crafted massage oils and essences produced by an old Florentine pharmacy, with herbs and plants grown in Castello di Vicarello’s own gardens.

The warmth of cedar wood, the naturalness of stone pebbles, as well as the elegance of precious resins chosen for flooring and upholstery framework the magical ambience that pervades Castello di Vicarello, where the past is continually evoked amid the composed tranquillity of daily life.
Cooking Classes: At Castello di Vicarello, food is not only a passion, it is an organic way of life. Enjoy fresh vegetables, locally produced wine and oil. The kitchen offers home-cooked Tuscan meals based on local and seasonal ingredients.

On a regular basis tailored made cooking classes are offered to the guests. Normally each lesson is different from the other, as firstly the guests are asked what they want to learn and they decide together the perfect menu for them. The menu usually consists of an entrée, one first course, one main course, and a dessert. If guests are interested lessons can be organized to learn how to make fresh pasta, breads and focaccia.
Wine: The vineyards lie at the heart of a rolling landscape close to Castello di Vicarello , on well-tended soils where care is taken to leave intact the original lines of these charming hills. Planting is in accordance with the precepts of a highly advanced level of viticulture, and makes use of the best available genetic material. Attention is focussed, in particular, on the ideal combination of environment and the selected grape varieties while bearing in mind the form of vine-training system. This thinking is behind the decision to grow Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot, with the intention of producing wines in which no grape variety dominates over the others. Lastly, both cultivation and vinification are carried out in accordance with the precepts of organic production. The area under vines stretches over around 6 hectares overlooking the Castle. Current production is linked to the Castle’s vineyards, where Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Sangiovese clones are grown, divided over two parcels of land, the first south-west facing, the second southeast facing. In 2005, there was the first harvest for a Brunello di Montalcino, which will be available in 2011.

The Wine Harvest:

During September guests are welcomed to join Vicarello for the wine harvest, and can help pick grapes on the vineyards. Guests can then participate in cooking classes where they will learn how to incorporate the grapes from the vine in to delicious Tuscan recipes.

Special outings including wine tastings and tours throughout the Tuscan wine areas can also be arranged.
Weddings: Castello di Vicarello, an incredible destination for a romantic and unforgettable wedding day. Whether it’s a small intimate wedding of 30 people or a larger festivity of hundreds, the castle’s unique style offers the perfect magical location.

The estate’s gardens, filled with lavender, roses, rosemary and olive groves, offer a beautiful view and sense of the Tuscan countryside.

The two pools of Castello di Vicarello also offer an incredible setting for a ceremony or buffet. One pool is hidden amongst an olive grove, while the other, an infinity pool, shimmers amongst the view of the Tuscan countryside. Both pools are eco-friendly and do not use chlorine.

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