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Imperially seated slightly above the azure Tyrrhenian Sea, the stylish boutique hotel J.K. Place Capri is just steps away from this sun-splashed island's main port Marina Grande and the famous Piazzetta. This inviting five-star hotel, surrounded by lemon and olive trees, offers gorgeous vistas of the Gulf of Naples, including a view of Mount Vesuvius in a distance.

J.K. Place Capri comes with fourteen rooms and eight suites. All the accommodations, decorated in warm pleasant colours and reminiscent of nautical style, are super-comfortable and most of them offer spectacular sea views. 

The hotel features a chic restaurant, which is named JKitchen. It serves authentic Mediterranean-inspired dishes as well as delightful breakfast with fresh cheeses, just-baked pastries and other delicacies. The J.K. Bar invites for light snacks and signature cocktails like the J.K. Bellini, which all of them can be enjoyed on the terrace while the sun goes down into the sea. Guests can also experience a memorable culinary adventure while taking part in a cooking class, which demonstrates how to cook desserts, bisquits and other Italian meals.

The wellness and fitness facilities include a spa, hammam, sauna, gym and an outdoor swimming pool. Yoga and pilates classes as well as jogging are also available.



A fun cookery lesson, which is designed for everybody, including kids. Besides biscuits, desserts and sweets, guests will learn how to make some of their favourite dishes using their imagination and expressing their creativity. The classes take place at the hotel's JKitchen.

There are tennis courts, locatedin the center of Capri, just five minutes on foot from the world renowned Piazzetta. A lesson with a teacher can be organized.

Leave the shores aboard comfortable boats and spend your day discovering the fascinating underwater sea world of Capri. For those that do not have a license, but would like to take advantage of their vacation to learn diving, lessons with a qualified instructor allow issue of one that is valid internationally. Then you can dive into the limpid waters to see the white reefs of the island below the surface.

If you have always wondered what it is like to fish in the sea that surrounds the island of Capri, you now have the chance to discover it. It doesn't matter if you are an expert or an absolute beginner, your time fishing in the waters of Capri is guaranteed to be magical. The captain will assist you during the day at sea with suggestions and useful information.

Renting a scooter while in Capri is a fabulous idea for those who want to get around independently. You can get to Capri and Anacapri for a pleasant drive through typical narrow roads, the Faro to enjoy an blissful sunset, or the Blue Grotto. From April to October, only residential vehicles are allowed to circulate on the island. It is not permitted to embark autos or motorcycles from the mainland. Note: this activity is recommended only for experienced scooter drivers, because the roads are very narrow and there are buses all the time.

Memorable excursions and mini cruises towards the most enchanting locations of the Blue Island and Amalfi Coast. There is also a boat trip around the island to discover all the secrets and marvels of Capri and a night excursion to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Capri is not only spectacular by sea, but is also ideal for those who love to walk among nature. Professional guides will take you to Monte Solaro, Villa Jovis, the Sentiero dei Fortini and many other places.


The big marina is the first landing place on Capri, where public and private boats arrive from the mainland. It is located in the bay on the northern part of the island, right on the Gulf of Naples and consists of two large straits. Marina Grande is also a seaside resort with an ample beach. The houses lining the harbor still have the ancient structure typical of the fishermen of Capri.

This little marina is one of the most popular places on the island, where you will find the Scoglio delle Sirene (Mermaid Reef) that, according to the theories of some historic scholars, was the place in which Homer's terrible mermaids of his Odyssey were found.

These are the three large stack formations of rock. They are over 100 metres high and rise from the sea, just a few metres from the coast. Each stack has its own name: the closest and still attached to the island is named Stella (star), the second, separated from the first by a stretch of sea, is named Mezzo (middle), and the third Faraglione goes by the name Fuori (outside) or Scopolo.

In truth, this square is called Piazza Umberto I, but since the 1930's it has been called la piazzetta, standing for the the little square. As small as it is, it is the center of the island's social life, deserving of the nickname "the world's living room". It has always been the heart of Capri society, but at one time, it was simply the square where the fish market was held.

This is the place where you can still take peaceful walks along silent streets and squares colored by geraniums and bougainvillea. The pedestrian area is lively with small artisan workshops that cross the historic center of Anacapri.

Already known to the ancient Romans, it is thought that the Blue Grotto was a favorite place of the emperor Tiberius. The magic light that illuminates the rocky walls and the crystalline waters of this famous cave will leave you speechless; a spellbinding scenario that makes you feel suspended in the sky.

The Swedish physician, Alex Munthe, wanted to build his island home in one of the most scenic spots of Anacapri. It stands out for its imaginative architecture with a succession of medieval mullioned windows that alternate with the classical motifs of Roman capitals. Its walls frame an enviable collection of finds from the Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian eras collected during the scholar's many travels and his permanence on the island of Capri.

Located just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta, the Certosa di San Giacomo is one of the most important historical buildings on the island. Built in 1371, it suffered extensive damage as a result of repeated pirate raids in the sixteenth century. Restoration lasted until 1636 and, over the years, it has been home to a monastery, a military base, a hospital and a prison. Today, it is a charming location for cultural events.

This road is named for the German industrialist, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who, when docking his yacht in Marina Piccola to spend his holidays on the island, found it inconvenient to reach his home. To make it easier for himself, he built this fabulous road, more than one hundred meters above the sea, to connect Marina Piccola to the center of Capri.

These gardens have their origin on the property of German steel industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp who, in the early twentieth century, bought this stretch of land to build his home. From then and up until 1918, the gardens carried the name of Krupp. In 1918, the gardens were renamed the Augustus Gardens, name that has remained to the present day. From the Augustus Gardens, a stunning 180-degree panoramic view of the island of Capri can be enjoyed and, in fact, from there you can see Monte Solaro, the Marina Piccola bay, Via Krupp and the famous Faraglioni.


J.K. Bar:

J.K. Bar serves a selection of canapes, including slivers of Prosecco-marinated pineapple, chocolate-soaked citrus zest and mini sea bream burgers, and a variety of drinks. It is recommended to try some of J.K.'s signature cocktails like The J.K.Bellini, Negroni di Sera or The Caprito.

J.K. Pool Bar:

While poolside lounging, guests can have savoury snacks and refreshing drinks.



The hotel features a gym, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Yoga, pilates and stretching classes are also available. Guests can jog outside. Personal trainers and hikers are on offer.



The hotel suits more for couples, however, it also welcomes kids. The little ones should take a cookery class, which is organized at the hotel's JKitchen.


Meetings And Events:

J.K. Place Capri is magnificently seated on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is a perfect place to have a meeting, celebration or weddings.


JKitchen Restaurant & Terrace:

It is a charming restaurant that serves traditional Mediterranean dishes. It features a vast panoramic terrace, which is used for breakfast and all-day dining. 



The hotel houses a spa, which offers beauty treatments and therapies, evolved over centuries. Guests can also relax in a steam room or in a lounge area.


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