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In a world where pollution, noise, crowds, unhealthy diets and stress are the norm, MesaStila (previously known as Losari Spa Retreat and Coffee Plantation) offers an escape from the demanding daily grind.

The essence of the retreat is defined through the calming and powerful environment in which MesaStila sits - encircled by eight magnificent volcanoes and set within fifty-five acres of gardens, plantation and tropical jungle.

MesaStila offers a distinct Javanese flavor in activities and programs that include healthy eating, focused exercise, planned relaxation, stress management, cultural and educational programs, limitations on smoking, moderation in alcohol consumption and a variety of exceptional wellness inclusions and specially designed packages that will support a stay of wellness.



The cuisine concept is a focus on Javanese-fusion food with a healthy twist - using local and organic produce, healthy cooking techniques, nutritiously dense foods, masses of fresh fruit and vegetables, local and regional carbohydrate staples, fish, some seafood and a limited use of meat. The essence of the creation as refined by Corporate Executive Chef Darren Lauder: "to create deliciously-tasty food that brings out the flavors and style of cuisine so prevalent in the Javanese food creations; allowing our local chefs to refine the foods that ...

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With the perfect balance of ancient and contemporary healing traditions, MesaStila brings you the finest therapies from Asia and the Near East.

The Indonesian Archipelago has a long history of contact between Chinese and Arab traders, who introduced plants, herbs and spices; bringing insights from Indian Ayurvedic, Chinese and Greek medicine and Arab healing practices. The traditional Indonesian Jamu sellers are a result of these enormous influences and today these people are best described as “walking-talking pharmacies”.


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Fitness Activities

MesaStila offers fitness-focused classes each day throughout the day in addition to the complete gym overlooking the jungles of Java. Most of the classes are supervised by a Master Trainer.

Classes include:
- Aqua-Fit
- Bootcamp Training
- Cycling Tours
- Extended Jungle Trek & Stair Climb
- Jungle Gym
- Pencak Silat (Javanese Martial Arts)
- Power-Yoga


Plantation Villa

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The Plantation Villas at MesaStila feature a sleeping area with beautiful living room. All in rich traditional Javanese structures providing inspiration, joy and serenity.

The fragrance of blooming coffee trees can be treasured from the large windows of all the one- bedroom Plantation Villas.

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Arum Villa

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The Arum Villas at MesaStila are spacious one bedroom villas that are lavishly furnished with traditional Javanese décor and antiquities, featuring a large Mediterranean bathroom, a cozy day-bed and a large balcony overlooking the spectacular views of Central Java's mountains.

All the spacious one bedroom Arum Villas are lavishly furnished with traditional Javanese décor and antiquities, featuring a large Mediterranean bathroom, a cozy day-bed and a large balcony overlooking the spectacular views of Central Java's mountains.

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Ambar Villa

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The Ambar Villas at MesaStila are spacious and beautifully appointed villas with a dining room, large sitting area with a cozy day-bed, a beautiful four-poster bed in solid teak with an intimate bathroom with a sunken marble bathtub and a panoramic veranda overlooking the jungles of Java or the Ambar volcano. Ambar Villas are available in two different categories: a family villa and a 2-bedroom villa.

Ambar Family Villa:
The villa consists of 1 double bedroom and 1 single bedroom. The double bedroom with spacious bathroom, a living room and mountain or plantation view veranda, while the single bedroom features a writing desk and an outdoor or indoor shower. Ideally the family villa can accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

Ambar 2-bedroom Villa:
The two double bedrooms are located on the second floor with separate bathrooms, living rooms and spacious verandas with mountain views of Merbabu and Andong, while the first floor is the main entrance with another spacious living room. This two-bedroom villa is suitable for 4 adults and beautifully set in a 2-storey duplex style accommodation.

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Bella Vista Villa

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The Bella Vista Villa at MesaStila is an extensive authentic compound is a home to three adjoining villas and two adjacent freestanding villas.

This unique and ornate structure is ideal for gatherings of family and friends. The Bella Vista features a private swimming pool, which overlooks mountains and lush rice terraces.

Guests have a choice of renting a four-bedroom villa that can take up to eight guests or the entire five-bedroom villa for up to 10 guests.

Personal butler service is provided to compliment the ultimate experience in this presidential suite.

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