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Escape from the routine and enjoy world class service in the iconic and internationally recognized Hotel Bahía del Duque. Discover the pleasure of losing track of time in the natural environment of this idyllic oasis, which recreates a traditional Canarian colonial villa from the 19th century and let yourself be seduced by its infinite sunsets. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this extraordinary Bahía Wellness Retreat and revitalize body and mind or enjoy the exquisite culinary with flavours from around the world.




Tennis & Padel
Improve your game thanks to the tournaments and individual classes organized at Bahía del Duque. Get motivated by training on the same courts used by some of the world’s best tennis players from the ATP World Tour, who visit the hotel for the mild Tenerife weather and the quality of the facilities.

Pitch & Putt
Next to the exclusive area of Las Villas de Bahia del Duque, the 9-hole Pitch & Putt allows you to satisfy your love of golf in a wonderful replica course of medium difficulty. In this area, lovers of the sport will find an ideal place to improve their short game.

Challenge the laws of gravity and dance at a fast pace over the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean, practising spectacular manoeuvres and jumps. In the south of Tenerife you can enjoy one of the best places in Europe for practising kitesurfing.

Sliding over the waves has never been so appealing. The coast of Tenerife is a paradise for surf lovers. Find your perfect setting amongst the sand or volcanic reef and feel the strength of the untamed Atlantic Ocean.

Paddle surf
Take in spectacular views of the horizon and the sea floor whilst enjoying a trip out to sea. Practice Paddle Surf and discover, along with the rest of your family, the wonders of the coast of Tenerife.

Let yourself get carried away by the wind and the waves and discover the incredible sensation of sliding over the sea. The unique geography of Tenerife will allow you to find the ideal paradise for Windsurfing on its beaches.

Challenge the laws of gravity and dance at a fast pace over the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean, practising spectacular manoeuvres and jumps. In the south of Tenerife you can enjoy one of the best places in Europe for practising kitesurfing.

Explore the wonderful marine show offered by the seabed of Tenerife. Swim along with turtles and colourful fish and be enveloped by the magic of this hidden treasure.

Surrender to the exhilarating experience of flying over the sea at a height of 80 metres and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the coast of Tenerife. A refreshing dip will culminate this amazing activity in which fun and excitement are guaranteed.

Tenerife is the Island of Golf. Explore incredible golf courses and enjoy endless hours of outdoor play. Surrounded by an incomparable setting, the breeze of the sea, the sun and the nature will accompany you throughout the year thanks to the warm temperatures of the Canary Islands.

Go on an adventure and discover a sensation of pure adrenaline whilst travelling through the skies of the island of Tenerife. Take a flight to contemplate the beauty of its landscapes and the most spectacular aerial views. This memorable experience will stay with you for life.

Feel the freshness of a vibrant trip on the waves that will allow you to admire the horizon and the coast of Tenerife from a different perspective. Let yourself be carried away by the speed of an exciting jet ski ride.

Explore the secrets to be found in the most exotic corners of the island of eternal spring. Laurel forests, ancient ravines or the extraordinary lunar landscape of the Teide are some of the hiking routes that you will be able to explore.


Chef for a day
Step into the resort'skitchens and discover the chefs’ best-kept secrets. Visit the traditional markets and choose the freshest ingredients in order to cook delicious dishes using the most innovative culinary techniques.

Yacht excursions
Enjoy the adventure of cruising the waters off the coast of Tenerife whilst contemplating the beauty of its impressive cliffs and idyllic beaches. Immerse yourself in one of the richest seabeds in the world and enjoy a spectacular underwater volcanic landscape.

Romantic viewpoint
Enjoy a special romantic dinner at the gazebo accompanied by a dreamlike view and the last rays of sunlight, whilst your gaze is lost on the horizon, with the sea as the only protagonist.

Astronomical observatory
Explore the sky of the Canary Islands, one of the most spectacular in the world. Surprise yourself by contemplating the sky from the Observatory and discover the overwhelming immensity of a sky full of stars.

Shopping in a relaxed and unhurried way is a luxury that Bahia del Duque puts at your fingertips. Enjoy a special day of shopping at the extraordinary shops, where you will find a wide selection of top brand products.

Botanical walk
Get lost in a universe of colours and aromas in the wonderful gardens. An authentic botanical jewel of 63,000 m2 where Palm Trees, Dragos, Indian Laurels and Flamboyants come together to create an authentic tropical paradise.

The beach
At the gates of Bahía del Duque you will find the crystal clear waters and the fine golden sand of Playa del Duque. Experience the incredible feeling of a refreshing swim, lie in the sun or enjoy some water sports. Succumb to life and walk along the seaside promenade, where you will find a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, and shops.

Museum of Tobacco
Located in the Sports Lounge, the Museum of Tobacco is a journey through the history of the founder of the Company that owns the Hotel Bahía del Duque. Discover the roots of the family business through a themed exhibition of the interesting world of the cigarette and the cigar. In this exhibition you will be able to contemplate curious tobacco objects from the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the main brands that were sold in The Canary Islands during our trajectory in this industry, which was the foundation for the development of the different activities of the business group.



La Brasserie Terrace:

Lose the notion of time at this wonderful terrace next to the pool and enjoy the pleasure of eating without haste. Let yourself be conquered by a spectacular menu of elaborate snacks and healthy dishes and succumb to the temptation of delicious home-made desserts.

Burger Bar Azul:

At Burger Bar Azul, the hamburger reigns. You can choose your favourite ingredients in a family atmosphere, where the little ones have a special menu just for them and a delicious selection of home-made ice cream.

Garden Café:

Located in the idyllic location of Bahia Wellness Retreat, Garden Café offers you delicious healthy snacks in the form of salads, light sandwiches and a fruit therapy menu with delicious natural juices created by renowned physiotherapist Michal Novotny.

Café La Bahía:

Located on the seaside promenade, this large terrace open to the sea invites you to contemplate the immensity of the horizon and let yourself be enveloped by the flavours of international cuisine. Feel the pleasure of not being in a hurry whilst enjoying a relaxing moment next to the beach.

El Chiringuito:

Between the fine white sand of Playa del Duque, our Chiringuito awaits you, a place with privileged views towards the island of La Gomera. Feel the gentle sea breeze whilst enjoying your favourite cocktail.

La Heladería:

Allow yourself the pleasure of trying one of the delicious home-made ice creams, made with natural products. Give in to the temptation of intense Belgian Chocolate, the freshness of fruits of the forest or the sweetness of vanilla, whilst enjoying a relaxing walk on the beach.

La Zumería:

Refresh your senses and feel a vibrant explosion of flavours with our freshly made natural juices. Located next to the main pool and surrounded by lush tropical gardens, the fruit juice stand stands out for the beauty of its white wooden gazebo.

Beach Club Bar:

Experience one of the most relaxing moments of the day on the terrace of the Beach Club bar. Enjoy an aperitif with a delicate glass of champagne or a sophisticated vermouth in this place designed to help you disconnect.

La Gomera Terrace:

Admire the beauty of a magical sunset where the intensity of the orange is intermingled with the deep blue of the sea. The terrace offers you a chill out area with views towards the island of La Gomera and a surprising menu of Caribbean-inspired cocktails.

La Gomera Terrace:

Admire the beauty of a magical sunset where the intensity of the orange is intermingled with the deep blue of the sea. The terrace offers you a chill out area with views towards the island of La Gomera and a surprising menu of Caribbean-inspired cocktails.

Bar Hall:

Enjoy one of the little pleasures of life – reading a good book accompanied by an aromatic coffee. Located in the heart of the main reception of Bahia del Duque, the Bar Hall, with its colonial atmosphere, will help you to disconnect.

Wine Bar:

A select menu with renowned national and international wines enables the lovers of great wines to enjoy each glass. Between corks and bottles, its original decoration recreates the atmosphere of modern wine cellars.

Piano Bar:

Let yourself be enveloped by the bohemian and relaxed atmosphere of the Piano Bar. Savour the moment you take one last drink to the beat of live music or whilst enjoying a live show.



Laughter, music, games and unforgettable experiences will be etched into your children’s memories. Every day there is a different activity to surprise them and make them feel like “Young Dukes”.

Duqui Club
As in a fairy tale, the scenic architecture of Bahia del Duque, full of bridges and passageways, gardens and swimming pools, leads the little ones to a fantasy world where the games organized by the entertainment team and the Duqui Club make every moment an adventure.

Discover the services and activities for children 

- Schedule of activities from 10:00 a.m. to 5:50 p.m.
- For children from 3 years onwards.
- Baby sitting available.

Teen Lounge
Inspired by the California surfing lifestyle shown in the film “The Great Wednesday, the Teen Lounge offers the perfect place for teenagers to retreat and get some privacy. Board games, a Play Station, a Wii and a relaxation area with a television will make this secret hideaway the perfect place to disconnect.


La Brasserie by Pierre Résimont:

Delight your palate with the exquisite proposals of the prestigious Belgian chef Pierre Résimont, whose restaurant L’Eau-Vive in Belgium has been endorsed with 2 Michelin stars. With a beautiful view over the Hotel’s swimming pool and central plaza, this unique corner of Gallic cuisine offers a refined menu elaborated by chef Yoseba Llarena where local and seasonal products as well as its select wine list with renowned French wines will never cease to amaze you.

Las Aguas:

Framed in the exclusive atmosphere of Las Villas, Las Aguas invites you to taste the best fusion between traditional Canarian cuisine and the most avant-garde techniques by its chef Braulio Simancas. Canarian cheese, fresh fish and market produce characterize a menu full of nuances and flavours. The extensive wine list with national and international wines includes sacramental wine as well as other more local and authentic wines.

El Bernegal:

Feel the tranquil pleasure of starting the day on a spectacular terrace, with the wonderful views of La Gomera and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. Considered as the Hotel’s main restaurant, El Bernegal offers the most spectacular breakfasts, as well as an exquisite dinner service with themed buffets and show cooking where you can taste the best international cuisine.

Beach Club:

Let yourself get carried away by the leisurely pace of Bahía del Duque and enjoy a relaxed and informal lunch on the terrace of the Beach Club. The soft sea breeze is the perfect complement to a fresh menu with dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, succulent seafood, rice and the fish of the day, perfectly paired with exquisite white wines.

Alisios Market Food:

Surprise your palate with this avant-garde culinary concept, its creative daily recommendations and its select menu of young Spanish wines. Alisios Market Food is a modern and elegant restaurant in which chef Lucas Ordóñez perfectly fuses market products with haute cuisine, creating a menu based on fresh and seasonal ingredients.

La Trattoria:

Feel the Italian family warmth at this authentic trattoria and enjoy the nightly shows in the Central Plaza from its terrace. Its excellent selection of traditional dishes, fresh pastas and pizzas, created by chef Simone Millico guarantee a special evening in a cosy atmosphere that evokes the essence of Tuscany, which is also present in its select wine list.


The intensity of the embers, the smoky aromas and the exquisite raw material bring you the most authentic aspects of Basque cuisine in this modern culinary space. Have a unique gastronomic experience in Sua, whose name, which means fire in Euskera (the Basque language), symbolizes passion for the art of cooking. Enjoy the sensation of tasting a beefsteak, imported from Vitoria, accompanied by a glass of the best Chacolí.


Let yourself be captivated by the exoticism of the pure flavours of traditional Japanese gastronomy and Nikkei fusion, brought by one of the founders of the restaurant the Kazan that has a Michelin star. Inspired by the delicacy and subtle harmony of Japan, Sensu Kazan offers a menu of exquisite haute cuisine dishes, a Sushi Bar and a Robatayaki Grill. Surprise your palate with delicate and varied pairing from its exclusive sake bar.

La Hacienda:

Explore the secrets of colourful and tasty Mexican cuisine in a menu designed by the renowned chef Armando Saldanha or taste the best international dishes in a warm and informal atmosphere. Located on the seafront and with wonderful views over Playa del Duque, La Hacienda offers you the ideal setting for a cocktail at sunset.



Dive into a world of relaxing and revitalizing experiences in this singular area featuring a unique outdoor thalassotherapy circuit surrounded by spectacular gardens. Discover Bahia Wellness Retreat, an extraordinary sanctuary of disconnection and balance to recharge your energy.

Harmonize your body and soul at this extraordinary natural oasis surrounded by aromatic gardens. Get away from it all in this idyllic disconnection area, which carefully combines the relaxing power of sea water with the overflowing energy of the sun and volcanic rock. Its design, inspired by the magical nature of the island of Tenerife, fuses the interior and exterior spaces to create a sensory spectacle.

Discover an extensive and internationally awarded menu of treatments and rituals, a unique and exceptional opportunity to disconnect and be pampered the way you deserve. The programs have been created exclusively to meet your needs and they have a perfect combination of relaxing and therapeutic treatments.

Discover the tranquillity of being in the best hands thanks to internationally recognized physiotherapist Michal Novotny and his highly qualified team. Enjoy a personalized treatment with the most advanced techniques, for which the protocols have been formulated based on the experience gained with elite professionals.

The resort has specialists in physical therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, aquatic physiotherapy and physical and sports rehabilitation to guide you on the road to recovery and well-being.


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