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Since 1923, La Mamounia has welcomed travellers from all over the world, both unknown and famous. The history of the establishment stretches as far back as the 12th century, when it stood protected behind the medieval ramparts of Marrakesh. The hotel is inseparably attached to its magnificent gardens, which were gifted to Prince Al Mamoun as a wedding present in the 18th century. The passing centuries have brought ever more culture, refinement and know-how to the hotel.

La Mamounia carries with it this prestigious past and its Arabic-Andalusian culture, rich with splendid colours, shapes and materials, which it nurtures and celebrates.

Just a stone's throw from Jeema El Fna square and Koutoubia Mosque, the iconic La Mamounia offers guests a superb location. It is both in the heart of the city, with its events and monuments, and sheltered behind the medieval ramparts. It is an ideal starting point for exploring the Medina, Bahia Palace, the Ben Youssef Madrasa and, slightly further away, the Menara gardens.

This luxury hotel in Marrakech offers elegant 209 rooms, including 71 impressive suites. Those who wish for more space and privacy can choose from 3 of La Mamounia's magnificent riads.

Dining is a truly memorable experience at La Mamounia, and guests can find here 4 restaurants, offering French, Italian and Moroccan cuisines. There are also 4 inviting bars and the Ice Cream & Pastry Shop.

The wellness facilities include the Spa, that performs relaxing treatments using Amala, Maroc Maroc cosmetics as well black soap, rose water, Argan oil and La Mamounia's signature products. There is also a hammam, sauna, beauty salon and an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, which is in the heart of the  beautiful and fragrant gardens of La Mamounia. 



The majestic central alley is lined with ancient olive trees and two thousand rose bushes. The Menzeh Pavilion offers a peaceful setting in which to relax and let your mind wander. Dozens of orange and lemon trees stand in perfectly straight lines. Here and there, cactuses of all shapes and sizes bask in the sun.

700 orange trees, 5,000 rose bushes, 21 cactus species, 6 palm trees species and 200 olive trees – impressive numbers, but together they combine to create a myriad of colours, fragrances, shapes and textures! Lemon trees, jacarandas, bougainvillea, amaranth, agaves, prickly pear trees and more. Each flowerbed and each orchard burst with beauty, filled with the perfect gifts of nature! The gardens of La Mamounia are unique and wonderfully natural, despite the fact that they have been crafted by the hands of passionate gardeners for almost a century!

Take a stroll through the gardens with their flower beds and copses. Beyond the Menzeh Pavilion, on either side of the alley with its ancient olive trees (some of which are 700 years old), explore one of the treasures of La Mamounia: a superb 1,500 m2 (16145.86ft2) vegetable garden. Here, gardeners and chefs come together to enjoy their shared passion – the fruits of the earth.

You will find aromatic plants, such as coriander, fragrant verbena and Madagascar lemongrass, spices, carrots of various kinds, tomatoes (from Russia, Crimea and thirteen other varieties), leeks, beetroot, and more – A festival of shapes and colours, and as many promises of natural flavours . We should not forget to mention Borji mint, the essential ingredient for Moroccan tea! A palette of flavours which the Chefs prepare for guests in their Moroccan, Italian and French cuisine.

Tucked away on the Andalusian patio, between the Tearoom and Spa, the Boutique sells some of the treasures of La Mamounia. Very high quality products, which are a testament to Morocco's refined art of living.

La Mamounia is also a product brand that brings together nature and very high quality: delicate and flavoursome olive oil made with olives straight from La Mamounia's gardens, argan produced by a cooperative of Moroccan women, and honey from the Moroccan countryside. All of the produce is ethical and fair trade.

Candles and diffusers based on the hotel's unique fragrances take pride of place, including cedar, date and orange blossom. They have been created exclusively for the palace. They accompany you throughout your stay at the hotel, and you can carry these delicate fragrances home with you when you leave. For those who have not yet enjoyed a stay at La Mamounia, offer these olfactory gems as a gift.

In terms of the interior design, cushions are decorated with original patterns that use the traditional colours of the zellige tilework. The superb Yahya lanterns boast a simple and elegant design. Their clean, flowing lines diffuse a unique light. Albums and books feature magnificent images that immortalise the hotel's legendary spaces, bringing out the beautifully contrasting shifting light, and paying tribute to all the master craftsmen who have contributed to its beauty.
The stylist Barbara Rhil has created an exclusive line of leather goods, all branded La Mamounia, including a range of elegant, easy-to-carry and colourful bags.

With its vast lobby, Andalusian patio, fountains and gardens, each with its own light, colours, shapes and contrasts, the hotel is an exceptional and fertile showcase for contemporary works of art. The result is striking. The hotel has always promoted both young talent and established artists.

80 photographs taken by amateur photographers and tourists offered a glimpse into life in Marrakesh in the 1930s; an original exhibition brought together perspectives of Churchill – one of the hotel's iconic figures – and Hassan El Glaoui, who recently stated: "I became a painter thanks to Churchill". Then there are the colourful and offbeat sculptures of Julien Marinetti. Imagine blue and orange ducks, like children's toys, floating in the pool of Le Marocain restaurant, a bronze and golden bulldog and other colourful animals placed here and there to create a surprising and visually pleasing effect.

As a venue for exhibitions and events, La Mamounia contributes to artistic and cultural life in Marrakesh.


Le Churchill:

Between the lobby and the tea room, the enticing sounds of music beckon you. As you enter the Churchill bar, a haven for fans of mellow jazz ambiances, you are immediately immersed in the resolutely masculine character of the interior, with its leopard skin carpet, padded red leather walls, black velvet armchairs and subdued lighting on each table. Enjoy the unique, understated atmosphere and intoxicating music, while black and white portraits of jazz greats look on with approval.

Le Marocain Patio Bar:

Near the gardens, the Andalusian patio offers a cool and charming setting with blue, ochre and brown zellige tilework. In the centre, a fountain, surrounded by four lanterns, recalls the essential role of water. All around are plush red velvet sofas. A magical change of scenery. Upstairs, the terrace offers a splendid view over the gardens, across the tops of the palm trees, with the majestic Atlas Mountains in the distance. A panoramic view best enjoyed with a cocktail or liqueur in hand.

The Pool Bar:

This bar has an incredible interior décor: on one side of the spacious terrace is a large pool (25 by 26 m); on the other, a Menara-style pavilion, with a pyramid-shaped roof and green tiles. These are surrounded by palm trees and banana trees, cactuses, fig trees and a myriad of flowers. Take your time to savour a cocktail at any time of the day, as you watch the sparkling reflections of light playing on the pool's Italian marble. Feel the cool air caress your skin as birds serenade you with their song.

L'Italien Bar:

Bottles and decanters of all shapes and sizes are placed delicately on the shelves behind the bar, like a dressing table. The light shining in through the windows plays with their shapes and colours, and diffuses and changes as the hours pass. L'Italien bar, with its elegantly feminine character, opens out onto the Majorelle gallery, the legendary ceiling of which was painted personally by the hotel's interior designer in 1923. Wide, deep armchairs, a piano and a double bass create a comfortable musical atmosphere in which to unwind.

Le Menzeh Ice Cream and Pastry Shop:

As you make your way from the lobby, the interior spaces succeed one another in a perfect and balanced alignment: the Majorelle gallery and terrace, the alley lined with ancient olive trees and the Menzeh pavilion, as in the gardens of the traditional Moroccan houses. Pure lines and harmony between the plant and stone features. Here, you can enjoy a mint tea served with traditional or contemporary sweets made by the Pastry Chef. A delicious moment in a peaceful and natural setting. As a finishing touch, a superb Moroccan lantern stands proudly at the edge of the park.


Le Marocain:

This restaurant transports you to the heart of Moroccan hospitality. The watchwords are refinement, generosity and sharing. Enjoy a tajine on the cool terrace, in a romantic setting, with candles and the gentle sound of water from the ponds and the three fountains. Nearby you can see the Patio. Inside, the décor features warm colours, sculpted wood, zellige tilework, and enchanting arabesques. Guests can enjoy three different areas, which are subtly transformed with the changing light of day. There are small private lounges, with a central table surrounded by velvet-covered benches, and alcoves upstairs, where daylight filters through the Mashrabiyas. Upstairs still, there is an elegant and plush smoking room, as well as a larger, more brightly lit library-style lounge. The interior features green and black velvet armchairs and chairs and tataoui ceilings.

In terms of the flavours, thanks to the Mamounia's nearby vegetable garden, the dishes offer a multitude of spicy notes and aromas. A feast for the senses with modern Moroccan gastronomy. Tradition joins forces with the present for the pleasure of diners. To make this superb dining experience complete, you can enjoy the sounds of traditional music with a lute and violin.


In the same way as a theatre stage, the curtains are raised above the entrance. Two superb red bouquets are placed on the counter. Welcome to a world filled with feminine charm. Curvaceous armchairs, crimson fabrics, red, blue and green stained-glass windows, silk brocatelle fabric on the walls by Maison Prelle – with a proud three-hundred-year history – in perfect harmony with the velvet and copperware. There are small lounges for moments of friendship and utterly romantic alcoves where you can lay bare your heart to the one you love.

The dishes served by the 2-star Michelin Chef Don Alfonso are equal to the setting – delicate, feminine and sunny. Pasta seasoned with herbs and tomatoes from the hotel's vegetable garden, flavoursome antipasti, fish and garden vegetables, fruit desserts... All the ingredients are fresh and bursting with pleasure! The only thing left for you to do is to decide whether to dine on the flower-covered terrace or in the cosy lounge.

Le Fran├žais:

A beautiful and vast shaded terrace, dotted with white bougainvillea and lined with palm trees and banana trees... A comfortable temperature… A relaxing, peaceful and elegant atmosphere in which to enjoy an evening accompanied by six ivory satin lanterns, Burgundy red armchairs and magnificent orange satin curtains create beautiful combinations of colour. The thick carpet embraces your steps as you move further into the restaurant, with an understated and powerful tree of life at the back. On the menu: refined, gourmet cuisine.

Le Pavilion de la Piscine:

Le Pavilion de la Piscine is built around a pool. Its sparkling waters (with a magical Murano glass bottom) and exquisite dimensions make this a beautiful oasis, surrounded by a lush vegetation. A cool, refreshing and welcoming place for enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner. The architecture is a tribute to the Menara Pavilion and its magnificent perspectives.

Start the day on the right foot with a superb breakfast buffet by the water's edge. After a dip, you can enjoy a gourmet snack for lunch. The menu includes a variety of dishes. When the sun sets and the park is lit by a thousand and one small lanterns, the setting is just right for a cocktail – a simple, yet delicious pleasure. And, if you feel like another dip, the pool is heated and remains open until 9 pm.

The Sunday brunch: a weekly treat that offers a perfect opportunity to spend time with family or friends around the pool. A moment of pleasure and sharing accompanied by a delicious buffet.



Hammam, sauna, ghassoul, argan... the stuff that dreams are made of! Treat yourself to a wonderful sensory experience. The Spa at La Mamounia offers guests an unforgettable journey into the senses. Walk up the Majorelle blue stairs and follow the dreamy glow of the Oriental lighting. A vast space devoted to wellness, with massages, body treatments and a hairdressing salon. Not to mention the legendary outdoor pool where you can relax and unwind in the warm 26°C (78.8°F) water.
A gentle, peaceful atmosphere in an authentic Moroccan interior. Time slows to a crawl as stillness and tranquillity fills your mind. The décor comprises zellige tilework, tadelakt plaster and wooden panelling. The architecture features beautiful windows, arcades and alcoves, creating a perfect balance between open and closed spaces.

Body care rituals have been a part of Moroccan culture since time immemorial. Ghassoul from the earth of the Moulouya Valley, clay, saffron, black soap... Women cultivate the art of caring for their bodies with 100% natural products in order to nourish, cleanse, hydrate and relax. There is always a ritual handed down over generations for every need. Tradition and know-how provide the source of inspiration for the Spa at La Mamounia, and are complemented by modern techniques.

An entire Spa just for you! Make your dream come true at La Mamounia, with a secluded and private haven of tranquillity. Generous spaces surround the symbolic central Jacuzzi, featuring mosaics on the floor, and a captivating atmosphere in with warm shades of red and orange. 

The private Spa offers the following facilities:
1 Hammam
1 Jacuzzi
1 hairdressing Salon
1 multi-purpose booth with 2 treatment tables
1 shower
1 dressing room
Book your treatment
2,500 sq. metres (26910 sq.ft.) devoted entirely to your well-being
2 traditional Hammams
10 multi-treatment booths, including 2 booths for couples and 1 diagnosis booth
1 relaxation booth with a catering service
1 Jacuzzi
1 heated indoor pool with ozone sanitation system
1 gym
1 Kinetic exercise room
1 boutique offering our signature products

Beauty Salon:

1 independent salon
Hairdressing (shampoo, cut, highlights, perm, straightening, styling)
Evening styling: to be even more beautiful for your evenings out
Hair treatments (masks, etc.)
Hand beauty
Products from the professional brand Kure Bazaar

1 independent salon
Hairdressing (shampoo, cut)
Beard trimming
The "must-have": a traditional shave. Plenty of foam, a sharp razor and precision: an essential ritual and an outstanding result!


The team of professionals at the Fitness Pavilion run fitness and Pilates sessions that push you as far as you want to go:
- Private lessons with personalised exercises
- Jogging with a professional coach
- Aerobics
- Pilates
- Spinning
- Yoga
- Power plate

Enjoy a relaxing dip or swim in the outdoor pool in the heart of the gardens of La Mamounia. Measuring 25 m by 26 m and heated to 28°C, the Spa's indoor pool offers a calm and dreamy setting. An experience to be enjoyed from morning through to evening, when the gardens are lit up by a thousand and one lanterns!

Enjoy the use of two clay tennis courts in the heart of the gardens, for a casual game, a match or a private lesson. A delight for amateurs and budding champions alike!

Also available:
Table tennis near the Fitness Pavilion
A 'boulodrome' (boules pitch)


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