Hong Kong: Through the Eyes of a 10-Year Old

Aaron, who is my 10-year old son, has written the following review about his travel experience and the luxury hotels he stayed at during his trips to Hong Kong. You can also read his review about the Four Seasons Resorts Maldives here



"I’ve been to Hong Kong nine times before. A must is to travel on the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. When you are on the Star Ferry you can choose to go on the lower or upper deck (the lower deck is cheaper.) The lower deck is fun because you are close to the waves but the upper deck is also fun because you see the higher view of your surroundings. The sea is normally choppy which makes the trip a whole lot more fun! Normally the lower deck is wet from the sea spray coming up. When you go to Tsim Sha Tsui there is an ice cream place nearby which personally, I think, has the best ice cream/sorbets in the world. If you keep walking on there is a hotel called the Peninsula, which has a lot of shops on the first two floors. Also there is a cigar shop where my Dad goes to every time we are in the Peninsula!


From the hotel you can exit on to Nathan Road and if you keep walking you eventually come across the night market. The night market is a massive group of stalls in a couple of long roads. There are lots of different things you can buy like food, toys, merchandise, etc.

In Hong Kong there are fish markets with fish that are either dead or are still alive (for any of you who don’t like gore skip this!). You can smell the fish and blood when you walk through. There are meat markets too, with lamb, chicken, beef and duck (that are dead.) Also there are fruit markets with many types of fruit ranging from the usual bananas to exotic fruits like durians (they stink!). Tropical fruits are obviously bigger and more colourful.


To get to the Giant Buddha you can travel on the cable car from Tung Chung MTR railway. When you are at the giant Buddha you will see lots of shops with merchandise like bracelets, etc. You can also see the pip the Buddha spat out.

Hong Kong has lots of lovely beaches. I normally go to a beach called Repulse Bay.  The sand is soft and clean, and the sea is salty. The sea is nice and warm from the sun. Some parts of the beach are quiet and some are noisy. My Mum, Dad and I ALWAYS get an ice-lolly and some crisps in a shop opposite the beach.

A favorite of mine is to go on the Peak Tram. Once at the top there are some shops and restaurants, you get to see the view and the buildings in Hong Kong. At night time it looks spectacular because the lights of the buildings are on!


In Hong Kong one of the hotels I’ve been to is called the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. The rooms are nice and big with a good view. They have a curtain to separate the kid’s bed from the adults’ bed. They have a lovely swimming pool. If you put your head under the water you hear calming music. Also in the swimming pool is a giant TV screen with the Hong Kong view. The food in the hotel is the best!

Another brilliant hotel is the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. The Ritz Carlton is 180 floors high! When you go up the lift your ears can pop. Our room was 150 floors high. The view was brilliant and so was the room. Their swimming pool was on the 180th floor. They have a few TV screens. Some of fish, and some of the Hong Kong buildings. There is a brilliant view of the habour and the Peak on Hong Kong Island. There are also two tubs. One is a hot tub and another is a freezing cold tub. Their food is also good. On the ground floor outside of the building are some restaurants and shops.


My many journeys of going to Hong Kong have never disappointed me and never will."

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